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EUREF, the European Reference Organisation for Quality Assured Breast Screening and Diagnostic Services, is a pan European organisation, widely drawn from different Member States and is operated on a non-profit making basis.  At the present time the administrative office is located in Nijmegen where facilities and administrative staff are available. The goal of EUREF is to promote high quality mamma-care in Europe.

Current European experience is that breast services vary considerably in the quality of organisation, delivery and professional support. EUREF believes it is neither appropriate nor desirable for women in Europe to be subject to such haphazard standards of care when breast cancer is so prevalent and causes such concern.

EUREF commits itself to the development and dissemination of the European Guidelines, Certification of breast services and mammography equipment, Training and will provide support and advice on such issues upon request.

Latest news

Latest information development tomosynthesis protocol (phys.-tech.)

On 10 March 2014 a successful open meeting was organized by EUREF and its Physico Technical Steering Group regarding the current developments in the creation of a tomosynthesis protocol (phys.-tech.). 

In this meeting with contributors and manufacturers the latest draft version of the tomosynthesis protocol was discussed. The latest version of this tomosynthesis protocol (in progress) and the presentation that was held during this meeting can be found here.

Reaction of EUREF organisation with respect to the report of 'UFO-Plan Vorhaben 3608S20001'

In the 'UFO-Plan Vorhaben 3608S20001' study initiated by the Ministry of Environment in Germany several phantoms, which are in use for Quality Control procedures in diagnostic radiology, have been investigated on accuracy and variation in production.



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